Friday, October 29, 2004

frames on sale

Got a bunch of good deals on frames:

FBM "Angel of Death", 20.5", black, $199 (save $120)
Federal "Extension", 20.5", raw, $169 (save $70)
Standard OX Platinum STA, 20.5", olive green $329 (save $60)
Macneil "Ruben", 20.75" , black, $199 (save $60)
Macneil "Ruben", 20.75", tan, $199 (save $60)
Terrible One "Bar Code", 20.6", blue, $279 (save $50)
We The People 2003 "4 Seasons", 21", raw, $199 (save $50)
S&M "Dirt Bike Junior", 18.5", black, $149 (save $50)
S&M "Dirt Bike Next Generation", 20.25", navy blue, $229 (save $20)
FBM "Live Wire", 20.5", black, $289 (save $20)

Also, don't forget that we have Christmas layaway, so if you want to make sure something is going to be here for you come Christmas-time, act now... tell mom or dad... things sell out very quickly this time of year...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

new clothes, parts, and DVDs

Just got a bunch of new stuff in:

S&M "Littleman" sprockets in 33,36 and 39 tooth
S&M "Hot Seat" seats
S&M "Blizzard of Odd" tee shirts (rip off of the old Ozzy O album cover)
Fit "Series 2 Lite" seats
Shadow Conspiracy lite sprockets and top load stems in gold
New gloves and beanies from UGP and Shadow Conspiracy
UGP "Wrecking Crew" and "Wing" girl shirts
UGP "Diesen" and "Transfer" jeans
UGP "Twitch" zipper hoodies
We The People's new DVD, "Etc"

Don't forget to sign up for our currently non-existent email newsletter... just send a blank email with "mailing list" in the subject line to There ya have it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

bikes on sale

Got a few complete BMX bikes on sale:

1. 2004 DK "Cleveland" in burgundy, was 350, now $299
2. 2004 Hoffman "Rhythm EL2" in white, was 270, now $249
3. Standard STA complete (custom build) in red, was 1200, now $699

We've also got a bunch of shoes on sale, mostly Etnies, and some Giant mountain and comfort bikes...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bar Codes, FBM contest, DMBS mailing list

Let's see, what's going on here today? Got in a new Terrible One "Bar Code" frame, 20.6" top tube with a euro bb in brown (we should be getting a black 21" one in the next couple of weeks)... also from T1 we got some small tee shirts, and some more black small and medium bars... we also got in some Giant kids bikes in 12" or 16" wheel sizes, for the little guys and girls on your Christmas list...

I'm trying to get an email newsletter type thing going, if anyone is interested... we've got a sign up sheet at the shop, or you can send a blank email with "mailing list" in the subject line to I'm thinking maybe it will be like a weekly version of this blog, along with any relevant info we think you might be interested in... any suggestions on this blog, the email newsletter, or the shop in general are much appreciated...

Oh yah, and if anyone feels like going to Ohio, there is a FBM/Last Call Bicycle Rodeo contest coming up there on December 4th... it's at the original Chenga World in N. Ridgeville, and it's sponsored by FBM, Coalition, Eastern, Profile, Manmade, Standpoint Video Zine, and Minor League Mailorder... the contest should be a good time, that place rules... find out more at
www.chenga.ccor if you're under 18 you need a release form, so make sure you get one before you go...

Monday, October 25, 2004

new bikes

got a few new volume "black sheep" complete bikes in the shop today, in black or grey...

Saturday, October 23, 2004

okay, that was quick... here is an email address where you can contact us if you need to...

Saturday, October 23, 2004


hey kids, hopefully we'll have a real website up soon... maybe... been saying that for a coupla years now... for now I'm just gonna use this for info and update purposes... i'm gonna try to get some sorta email address for y'all soon, too... for now you can call us at 781 293-3665...

anyhoo, new stuff in the shop: odyssey "mr. clampy" seatpost clamps, fbm 7075 and race sprockets, fbm "hose clamp" seat post clamps, animal edwin grips, kink rob tibbs pro model frame, hoffman fat free bars and 'cock farm' tees/hats, and one lone copy of the newest soul video magazine dvd...

coming in soon are new s&m seats and sprockets, new fit seats, we the people's "etc" dvd, fly brakes coming back in by the end of the month hopefully, white odyssey linear cables, kink soft kneepads, a whole slew of new videos, a couple of euro bb barcodes, corey martinez frames, some new dk's, etc etc etc... stay tuned for details...

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