Friday, October 31, 2008

New stuff, Safety First

Got in some new stuff today: New version of Fly's Ruben tire, the "Ligera"... similar to the orignial version but more suited to trails... a little grippier in the dirt and thinner, lighter sidewalls... we've got a ton more Fly stuff coming in next week so stay tuned!

Also got a bunch of Animal stuff back in stock: Sway Bars in black and gold, more plastic pedals, purple Edwin grips which we've been out of for a while, blue stems and pedals, more bar ends, pivotal seats, pivotal and pivotal wedge posts, seat clamps, and more Animal "Upstate" jackets which are totally sweet winter jackets...

We are doing a half-ass premiere of Kink's "Safety First" DVD, basically we will be playing it all day Saturday and Sunday at the shop, come on by, hang out, eat some candy and whatnot... check out the trailers below if you haven't already seen them...

Happy Halloween everybody, try not to get into too much mischief!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Ride UK

Ride UK number 121 came in yesterday and is awesome as usual, check it out!

Monday, October 27, 2008

New S&M bars and Fit sprockets, etc

Got in S&M's brand spankin' new Grand Slam XLT bars today in black or white, they are basically a lighter, stonger version of their Grand Slam bars... also got in new Fit "Tri" sprockets, along with new colors in the Fit DLS sprocket...

Along with that we got in more Fit Sky High bars in black, white slam bars, and more S&M tees and hats...

The Aitken jam at Hyde Park on Saturday was a success, with $700 being raised to help support Mike and his family... a big thanks to everyone that went, and also to Jody from Timeless and Vic from Circuit for taking care of business... keep updated on Mike's progress by checking out, and if you weren't able to make it to the jam you can still donate to the cause here...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Aitken Jam is ON!!

The Mike Aitken benefit jam at Hyde Park will be going on around 3pm today, looks like the rain will hold off long enough, hope you all can make it! Remember to bring some dough as there is a $5 minimum suggested donation that will go to help Mike, plus there will be some raffles going on as well!

Friday, October 24, 2008

new stuff, Aitken jam tomorrow

Got in some new stuff today... Kink Badger V2 bars (11 butted, heat treated, 8" X 27", 12 degree backsweep, 1 degree upsweep) in black and chrome, some sweet new Animal beanies, fluorescent red Odyssey Vandero 2 front hubs (we still have the rear hub and matching rims in stock as well), and some new Odyssey sticker packs...

Also got more Kink sprockets, white Odyssey Trail Mix pedals, green plastic Animal pedals, Animal seatposts, stems, tires, and more!

Also don't forget that tomorrow is the Mike Aitken benefit jam at Hyde Park Skatepark... $5 minimum donation but bring extra because there is going to be some nice stuff being raffled off... the festivities start at 3pm, and if it happens to rain the rain date is Sunday the 26th... check the flyer below and make it if you can!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shitluck gear, Aitken Jam

Got in some new stuff from Shitluck today in the form of tees, hats and sweatshirts... also got in another 2009 Kink "Gap" complete in blue/white...

Don't forget about the jam going down to support Mike Aitken this Saturday at Hyde Park, bring some dough because there will be some good stuff being raffled off for the cause, make it if you can!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2009 DK Complete Bikes

Got in a few more 2009 DK complete bikes today... the "Siklon" in pearl blue or black/green, and the "Cygnus" in sand, which is pictured below...

Gross day today, come by and chill and watch a video...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New FBM frame, Nice seats, Bone Deth

Just got in the new version of FBM's "Howler" frame, now made with True Temper SuperTherm tubing - the good stuff! This frame also features new and improved head tube gussets for a larger weld area/more strength... we got a 20.75" in raw/clearcoat, 75 degree head tube, 71 degree seat tube, 13.375" chainstays, mid bb... this baby weighs in at a measly 4 pounds 9 ounces and is super nice! Come check it out!

Speaking of Nice, we got in a couple Nice slim pivotal seats in hemp... I hear that you can dye these any way you like, pretty sweet... or you can just run it as is...

Also got in some more Bone Deth tees and stickers, more good stuff on the way so check back soon!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Support Aitken

By going to these two jams:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Of The Day


Friday, October 17, 2008

New stuff, Aitken Jam at Hyde Park

There is a going to be a Mike Aitken benefit jam going on at Hyde Park next Saturday, August 25th at 3pm... stuff is going to be raffled off to help support Mike, and there is a Halloween costume contest going down, so get into it! There is a $5 minimum donation which will go towards one of the raddest and most influential bike riders ever, so help a brother out! Check out to keep updated on his condition, and if you can't make the jam you can donate to the Mike Aitken fund here...

In other news, we got in a bunch of stuff today, including a couple new S&M tee shirts, I'm real psyched on the Rolling Stones one, and the other one is just hilarious... in addition to those, we got in a few more 2009 Kink complete bikes, some ODI grips, even more Fit grips and tires, black Shadow Conspiracy chains, more T1 and We The People grips, a bunch of Shadow and We The People seats, more Odyssey Lumberjack bars and Odyssey forks, white Odyssey Linear cables, and more!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

new S&M and Fit stuff

Got in some new goodies from S&M and Fit... Eddie Cleveland grips in green, S&M Tuff Man sprocket with an all-over shield print, Redneck XLT stems in black chrome, Slam Bars in yellow (yes!), and an assortment of S&M and Fit hats... also got chrome Slam XLT and Grand Slam bars back in stock, as well as more Fit seats... more new stuff is on the way, check back soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We The People "Crysis", new Ride

Just got in a new model from We The People called the "Crysis" which is looking quite nice... also got in the December issue of Ride Magazine...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We The People "Arcade", layaway program

Got in the 2009 We The People "Arcade" 18 inch bike in white today...

Also just wanted to remind everyone that the holidays will be here in about two months, and that we offer a pretty simple layaway program to make things easier for you... basically you can put 25% down and pay 25% per month on a new bike or any items with a total of $100 or more and we will hold it for you... that way you can make sure that when Christmas rolls around we will have what you need! Give us a call or stop by for details!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

New DK Random Wrench, Mike Aitken

Got in the new version of DK's Random Wrench... includes pretty much everything you need to fix your bike in one compact tool... also got in a couple Proper sprockets, some Shadow grips, and some raw Profile cranks...

As you have all probably heard, Mike Aitken took a pretty gnarly fall recently and is facing some pretty hefty hospital bills... the folks at 50/50 have set up a page where you can donate and help a brother out, click here to donate, and we wish you the best Mike!

Oh, one last thing, we will be open regular hours on Columbus Day, which is Monday... 9am to 8pm...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

T-1 grips, 2009 DK completes

Got in a couple more 2009 DK complete bikes today, the Siklon in blue and the Cygnus in red... also got in some more Terrible One grips in new colors, "stick on bars and shred!"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fly stuff

Got in some stuff from Fly today, including some nice looking brake cable hangers, more cranks, and more Suelo "Tubo" grips... also got in some Odyssey hubs and brakes and some KMC 710SL chains in blue and white...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stuff on sale, new DK's, I Wanna Live

Just updated our SALE/SPECIALS page, check it out here, we just added a few more goodies to the list... don't forget we also still have some snowboard gear on sale from 40-50% off, you can check all that stuff out here. Keep in mind that we offer a layaway program for Christmas as well, put a 25% deposit down and pay 25% a month, it's a good way to take the sting out of Christmas shopping...

Got in some 2009 DK complete bikes the other day, but all we have left at the moment is the Siklon in black... DK changed the names of and revamped all of their bikes for 2009, and the Siklon is similar to what used to be called the Step Up. We'll be getting more bikes from them soon, in the meantime check out what they have to offer at

And on this rainy Sunday afternoon, here's something to keep you psyched if you haven't seen it already, the trailer for S&M's new video "I Wanna Live", looks amazing! Check it out below...

Friday, October 3, 2008

2009 We The People Envy, Jumptoberfest

We The People has got it goin' on for 2009... pictured below is the 2009 Envy...

Don't forget that tomorrow is Jumptoberfest up at Highland Mountain, if you're in the area you should try to make it...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kink Whip

Got white 2009 Kink Whip complete bikes back in stock today, along with some more ProTec helmets...

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