Monday, November 29, 2004

Fit bikes, Dick Maul's Website

Got in some more Fit complete bikes today:

"Complete" in green "Replica" in blue and red "Pro" in green

we should have the rest of the Fit line in soon...

I've been working on a website for the shop, which seems to be coming along ok... I hope to have it up within the next few weeks, so watch out for that... any suggestions can be emailed to

Thanks everyone...

Friday, November 26, 2004

Hometown Products products

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving...

Just got some Hometown Products stuff in the mail... more "Fork Lips" and "Private Parts" for you guys in need of some dropout/hub protection... also just got in their "Victim" sprocket in 36t only right now... this thing is pretty nice, its hard-anodized 6061 and teflon penetrated for maximum smoothness... quite light, too...

that's all for today...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Kink "Cheap Thrills" DVD premiere Dec 4th 6PM

New in the shop today: Maxxis Miracle (Dave Mirra's signature tire) tires, 20X2.1, and Minoura Magriser riser blocks for indoor trainers. Back in stock are primo Taj grips in black.

On the way: Wipperman Pro chains, Odyssey Jimmy Levan grips, etc etc

So it looks like we're going to do this Kink "Cheap Thrills" video premiere... it's going to be Saturday, December 4 at 6 PM, at the shop... the plan is, we're going to move a bunch of stuff out of the way, and hope that there's enough room for everybody... we've never done a premiere before, but if this one goes well we'd like to do some more, possibly fancier ones on bigger tv's and at roomier locations... but come on by and check out the video and hang out... everything at the shop will be 5% off after 6pm until everybody is gone... we will also have limited edition Kink "Cheap Thrills" tee shirts that you'll only be able to get at the premiere... stay tuned for more details, or call (781.293.3665), stop by (161 Elm Street, Halifax MA), or email us ( with any questions.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Terrible One Barcode, Kink Video Premiere

Just got in a new Terrible One Barcode frame, black/euro/21"...

Also on the way: a small handful of Primo's new "Hollowbite" cranks, basically the same as the Powerbites but with forged hollow arms, which makes them lighter and stronger than the Powerbites. I saw a prototype of these cranks, they are quite nice. Should be in on November 30 or December 1. Also, Hometown Products "Victim" sprockets, more Federal "Traction" tires, Maxis "Miracle" tires, and a couple pair of Fly brakes in bronze.

On a side note, S&M's "Please Kill Me" DVD has been delayed because of problems with the duplicator.... should be around the first week of December now... stay tuned...

Speaking of DVDs, it looks like we may be premiering the new Kink DVD "Cheap Thrills" at the shop, probably on December 4th after the shop closes at 6pm. I can't promise anything fantastic at this point, we've never done a video premiere before, so we'll see how it goes... it's pretty short notice, so it'll probably just be on some regular tv, nothing fancy... at the very least, you can come by, hang out, and see a video you've never seen before, and we'll have limited edition, premiere-only kink tee shirts available. If it goes well, we hope to do more premieres in the future. Let us know what you think.... email us at, or simply post a comment by clicking on the comment link at the end of this post..

thanks a lot...

Saturday, November 20, 2004

wheels on sale

Hello, we got some wheels on sale:

A note on our wheels: these are hand built with love at the shop, we prep the spokes and pre-stress them so they are super tight and won't loosen up after five minutes... i've ordered pre-built wheels that were "hand built" before, and i've gotten two or three more turns out of each spoke... beware... that is why we choose to build all our wheels from scratch, so we can make sure your wheels are as strong and trouble free as they can possibly be. We will custom build anything you want, usually the same day, so don't be afraid to ask!

Anyway, here's what we have on sale:

1 rear chrome Primo Hula Hoop (36 spoke), black Primo 14g spokes, black 14mm Primopro LEFT HAND DRIVE cassette hub, comes with 13 tooth, 14 tooth, 16 tooth, and fat 13 tooth cogs. was $200, now $159. save $41

1 pair of chrome Primo Hula Hoops (48 spoke), black Primo 14g spokes, black Hoffman sealed hubs (14mm rear, 3/8" front). was $230, now $189. save $41

1 pair of black Sun BFRs (48 spoke), black Primo 14g spokes, black flip-flop DK sealed hubs (14mm rear, 14 or slotted 14mm front to fit 3/8" dropouts). was $240, now $199. save $41

1 front Alex Supra E triple wall rim, gold-chrome plated (48 spoke), black 14g Primo spokes, Primopro high flange sealed hub (fits either 3/8" or 14mm axle). was $120, now $99. save $21

1 rear Sun Rhyno Lite XL rim (the wider, welded-seam Rhyno Lite, not the cheaper race one), 48 spoke, chrome rim, chrome Suzue high flange sealed 3/8" rear hub, black 14g Primo spokes. was $100, now $79. save $21

that's all for today... the new S&M video has shipped, it should be awesome and it should be here Thursday or Friday...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fit complete bikes, S&M stuff, Faction, Etnies stuff

New goodies today, from:

Fit: Pro complete bikes in black and blue, and Replica completes in black

S&M: Dirt Bike Classic frame (20.75", tan), gaurd sprockets in 36 and 39 tooth, and flaming shield beanies

Faction Magazine #22 (22?)

Etnies: Cooper Cordouroys, some long sleeve tees and beanies, "Spy" backpack, "Old School" socks, and "Salina" gloves and matching scarf

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Fly Brakes, DVDs, Macneil Heaton

Finally got the Fly brakes back in today, in black only... these things are fantastic... expensive, but worth it... we only were able to get a few sets of them, so act fast if you want 'em... we won't be able to get more 'til after Christmas...

Also got in System Cycle's (distributor of DK) "System" DVD... riders include Biz, Aaron Behnke, Kevin Porter, Sergio Layos, Colin Winkelmann, Brian Kachinsky, Chris Doyle, etc etc etc. Includes over an hour of bonus sections, DK's "Intuition" video, and more.

Also got in a Macneil "Heaton" frame, 20" top tube, euro bb, in orange...

Back in stock are Shadow Interlock chains, magnesium DK iron cross pedals, Primo Comet tires, and WTP "Excalibur" forks.

Speaking of We The People, just got done watching some of their new DVD "ETC"... it's pretty good, and i hear it's like an hour and fifteen minutes long... lots of Europe in it...

And speaking of DVDs, here's whats going on with all the new DVDs coming out, and when we should have them:

Kink "Cheap Thrills": first week of December
Tip Plus "Family": first week of December
Federal new DVD: mid December
Terrible One "You Get what you Get": November 30
S&M "Please Kill Me": November 26
Props #54: first week of December
Little Devil/Orchid DVDs?: eventually?

I am thinking about the possibility of premiering some of these videos at the shop... not sure how we would really do it, but stay tuned... let me know what you think...

There you have it...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dig, Kink, pizza

New today: Dig #42... man, Dig really never fails to impress... contains loads of stuff, and comes with a free pair of Federal wristbands

Also: Kink knee gaskets, and "Featherweight" 7075 aluminum sprockets in 36/39 tooth. These sprockets look just like original Redline Flight sprockets from 1980, except they are much stronger. And black.

In other news, Rosie the Riveter has put up the Christmas lights... do you know what that means? ...uh, me neither... Christmas is coming?

This just in: Nick and Angelos pizza, cheese, not for sale... gotta go...

Monday, November 15, 2004

snow, Profile, Topeak bags

Not much going on around here, other than a little snow... which is pretty exciting for we snowboarders, but not very exciting for we bike riders...

Got in some profile stuff today, we now have black or chrome cranks in 175 or 180mm, euro or american, with chromoly or titanium spindles for some serious weight saveage. Also back in are Profile SS mini cassettes and front hubs in 36 hole, and Profile Pro XL stems. Speaking of Profile, don't forget that Profile makes a whole plethora of titanium goodies, like axles, axle nuts, and spindles for most cranks.

On the non-BMX front, we got in some Topeak front and rear bags, and cheap 9 speed compatable chain tools.

Don't forget that we will happily special order parts that we don't normally stock for no extra charge, and most stuff shows up within 2 to 3 days.

Friday, November 12, 2004

rain, DVDs, magnetic trainers, lance armstrong, fly brakes

Another beautiful day around here... a good day to check out the new Ride DVD "Drop the Hammer", which we just got in... featured are Corey Martinez, Ryan Nyquist, Morgan Wade, and Gary Young... we got a bunch more DVDs coming in over the next month, too, so stay tuned... we also got some DVDs on sale, and any VHS tapes we still have are only five bucks... still got a few good ones left, too... that is, if anyone out there still has a VCR...

We also got in the new Giant "Cyclotron" magnetic trainers, a pretty nice and inexpensive trainer which will keep you or the cyclist in your life riding all winter without having to deal with all that upcoming sky chowder and freezing temps... makes a great holiday gift!

On the way: Fit Team, Pro, Replica and Complete bikes (trickling in over the next few weeks) Macneil Heaton frame in orange (11/18), Primo Comet tires (11/18), some random Etnies goods (beanies, socks, cordouroys - 11/17), the new Faction Magazine ( 11/19), the new System Cycle DVD (11/17), Kink knee gaskets ( 11/16), Kink 7075 sprockets (11/16), and a very, VERY limited number of Fly brakes... these brakes are expensive, but they are awesome... they should be in 11/17, and I think we only have two pair that aren't spoken for, so if you want these brakes get your name on 'em now... supposedly, we'll be able to get more around the end of the year, but as you may know things don't always work out that way with BMX companies.

Oh yeah, and we have some of those Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" yellow bracelets you see everywhere coming in the first week of December, possibly sooner. The deal with these bracelets, in case you don't know: Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor, has won the Tour de France a ridiculous six times in a row... all proceeds from the sale of these bracelets benefits his Lance Armstrong Foundation, which provides information and support to young cancer survivors and their families... bracelets cost one measly dollar, probably the most positive thing you can do with a dollar these days... pick one up and show your support, it's more than a fashion statement... for more info check out or

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Not much going on today... we got in some Redline Flight racing pants, should be getting the 2005 team jerseys in soon... back in stock are the original Odyssey Trigger brake levers and blue Evolver brakes... also for you non-BMX folks, got in some Cateye Enduro 8 cyclocomputers, and we should be getting in some mag trainers from Giant really soon...

Also on the way are more Fit Team, Replica, Pro, and Complete bikes... we will have every model and color in stock before Christmas, but they will go fast... get your name on one now before they are gone!

The new Ride DVD "Drop the Hammer" is supposedly on its way, too, hopefully we'll see it tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

new FBM stuff

Got in some more new stuff:

FBM's "Capone" (Shawn Arata's pro model) frame in black, with a 20 5/8" top tube. This frame uses an internal headset, and weighs around six pounds. It is also available in silver, 21", and with FBM's "mid" bottom bracket shell (Profile or other 19mm spindle bearings press directly into the frame, no cups). We also got in some more FBM 7075 and "Race" sprockets, Bottleneck stems, and assorted FBM stickers.

We also got in a few more DK Six Pack, Eight Pack, and Step Up completes that we were out of.

That's all for today, folks...

Friday, November 5, 2004

dick maul has a posse

Got in some more "Dick Maul has a posse" tee shirts, in all sizes in grey, black, and a limited number of red, only $12 each.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

2005 redline bikes, new parts, etc

Just got in some 2005 race and kids bikes from redline: Flight Pro, Proline Pro, Proline Junior, Proline Mini, a couple of Single X's, a couple of Raids, and an MX-20. Check them out at, or come by the shop and see 'em in person.

Also got in some nice, warm Fit beanies, and some Pink brake cables by Tip Plus.

Orange DK General Lees and blue 8 packs are back in stock, too.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

new dig and ride magazines

Just got in the January 2005 Ride Magazine and Dig magazine number 41.

Monday, November 1, 2004

new stuff

New in the shop today: Tree "Patriot Act" tee shirts, Odyssey "Midway" rims in chrome (we also got 'em in hard anodized black - these rims are 'midway' strengthwise between a hazard lite and a 7KA rim), white Odyssey "Linear" cables, Odyssey "Civilian" bars and "Pro Race" forks in urban camo, Odyssey "Skim Milk" bars in black, and Odyssey Matt Beringer grips.

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