Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Ride UK

Got in an awesome new issue of Ride UK, I swear this magazine gets better with every issue...

Friday, May 29, 2009


We've got a couple of good deals ($90 to $100 off!) on our remaining stock of 2009 Subrosa complete bikes... pick up the awesome "Novus Dirt" in black fade for $499 (was $600), or the "Malum Dirt" in white for $399 (was $490)! Sweet!

In other news, we got in some random Duo tidbits today, and we also got a random Verde "Timber" pivotal seat in a while back, but I can't remember who I ordered it for... and someone left a shoe here...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Metal stickers, etc

Well we got in a bunch of random stuff over the last week, such as a restock on Shadow's pivotal "Prenumbra" seats, Mutiny stems, Shadow Crank-n-Bones sprockets, Shadow Lil Ones pegs, some Profile cranks, Pro-Tec helmets, a new Madera DVD, some sweet new Metal stickers, and the new Ride BMX magazine featuring Garrett Byrnes on the cover, what more could you ask for?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello, just wanted to give everyone the heads up that we will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2009, for some much needed rest...

Got some stuff in the shop today... Shadow sprockets, seats, Mutiny bars and stems, more Banned In Orlando 3 DVDs, and next week we will have some more Profile goods in stock... hope everyone has a good weekend, see you all soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Stuff!

Got in a bunch of stuff today... from Kink, we got more Badger and Lynx bars, and some seatposts, headsets and sprockets... from Animal we got a whole mess of Edwin grips and plastic pedals, along with some alloy Hamilton pedals, some plastic and aluminum bar ends, and more stems and sprockets, and also some sweet new Animal down-tube sized stickers...

Also got in more Duo/Rogue Status seats, Odyssey pivotal seats and cassette hubs, more copies of Off The Map two, a ton of spokes, and more!

Also updated our SALE/SPECIALS page, be sure to check it out... new stuff includes new super low prices on the first version of the Fit Chase Hawk frame and the T-1 Bar Code frame, and a bunch of Etnies jeans for cheap as well... also got some Fly cranks in black with some scratches on the paint for real cheap...

Check out the picture below of an awesome Fly Pantera we built up for Evan recently... thing is soooo nice! Thanks a lot Evan!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Stuff!

Well despite a 30 second downpour that sent us scrambling inside the shop, our Sunday "Up, Up and Away" premiere went pretty well... we downed a lot of hot dogs, hamburgers and beverages, checked out the video, and then had a sweet ramp sesh in the dark... thanks a lot to everyone that came out and helped make it a fun night! I took some pictures but as usual they aren't that great, I'll post some up if I ever get time... the last picture below pretty much sums it up though haha...

Got in some new stuff over the last couple of days: Shadow Nostra plastic pedals in a bunch of colors, pink spokes (all of our dreams have come true - finally!), Primo drive-side hubguards, a bunch of Mike Aitken's Vigilantia tees, more black and white KMC chains, and probably a bunch of other stuff that I can't recall... oh well, come on by!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Come check out our premiere of Sunday's "Up, Up and Away" DVD tonight at the shop!! We'll be firing up the grill at 6pm, we've got a bunch of burgers and dogs, if you want anything else grilled up bring it with you... as soon as it's dark enough we'll be showing the DVD, bring a chair!

Also bring a canned good or personal hygiene item with you and get a raffle ticket that may win you a $350 gift certificate to the shop, check out the info on that here, hope to see you all here!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Got in a whole mess of 2010 Kink complete bikes this morning, most of them have been assembled and are ready to go, come check 'em out!! Below are a couple of pictures of the Apex and the Liberty, we have pretty much everything they make in stock now!

Also got in more Fly cranks and rims, Duo tires and seats, Odyssey and G-Sport rims, and the new Props #72...

Don't forget that tomorrow (Saturday) is our premiere of Sunday's "Up, Up and Away" DVD, looks like it's gonna be pretty good... we'll be grillin' and chillin' starting at around 6pm, and we'll be showing the DVD as soon as it gets dark enough outside... bring a chair and if you want something grilled up besides burgers and dogs, bring it with you! Also, bring a non-perishable canned good with you and you can win a $350 gift certificate to the shop!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday "Up, UP and Away" premiere!

Come on by the shop this Saturday, May 16 at around 6pm and check out Sunday's new "Up, Up and Away" DVD... we'll be grilling and chilling weather permitting, we'll have burgers and dogs and if you want anything else thrown on the grill feel free to bring it with you... should be a good time, bring a chair!

Got a bunch of Knight Bike Co hubguards back in stock to fit Odyssey Vandero 2, G-Sport Marmoset, and G-Sport ratchet hubs, tons more stuff on the way!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Got in FBM's 2010 Heathen and Executioner complete bikes yesterday... the Heathen is looking particularly good, now comes with removable brake mounts and a stripped-down plastic pivotal seat, plus the blue color is awesome (the picture doesn't do it justice, come in and check it out)... Also got in the 2010 Executioner in black and green...

Also got in a couple more Verde "Vex" complete bikes, one in red and one in orange... this is just about the last of these for 2009, if you want one you better act fast!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Fit Hawk frame, 2010 FBM completes, Sunday DVD premiere!

Got a lot going on around here today... we got some new goods from Fit, including the Chase Hawk V2 frame... super light, short back end, good looking, heat treated, made in the USA but not as expensive as most other USA-made frames, thing is pretty sick... also got in Fit's new top load stem (shown below with the S&M Lil Redneck in blue) and Fit Dak and Eddie grips in white... also got a ton more Fit and S&M handlebars (Sky High, Slam, Slam XLT, Grand Slam XLT), Fit Shiv and Blade Lite forks, Revenge folding and wire bead tires, Fit FAF-K tires, and more!

We also got in a bunch of 2010 FBM "Executioner" and "Heathen" complete bikes, I don't have any pictures yet but I will post them up later, or you can come in and check them out...

And also, we will be showing Sunday's new DVD "Up, Up and Away" this Saturday at the shop at around 6pm... we'll be firing up the grill and probably riding some bikes before the video, more details on that soon... sweet!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Shadow stuff, etc

Got in a bunch of stuff today... new "Ravager" sprockets from The Shadow Conspiracy, more Mutiny "Glam" bars (which we now have in black, red, and light blue), Mutiny "Indian Gripper" grips, Banned in Orlando 3, a bunch of KMC chains in a bunch of colors, more Shadow chains and chain tools, more "Ol' Dirty" grips and "Lil' Ones" pegs in a bunch of colors, more Shadow "Crank n' Bones" sprockets, more FSA Impact Pro headsets, a bunch of gyros and gyro cables (including SST's dual-cable kits), more Fly rims and bars, Fly grips (gum color back in stock, as well as green), white Odyssey Twisted PC pedals, Odyssey brake pads, etc etc etc... come check out all the goods!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Orchid Shoes, Eclat stuff, etc

Got in a bunch of new shoes from Orchid yesterday, they are looking quite nice... from top to bottom is the Porter 2 in two different color schemes, the Vandever in black, the Cobra Low in black, and the Function in Randy Brown's signature burgundy color... also got in a couple of sweet Little Devil funeral tees which I forgot to take a picture of...

Got in a ton of Eclat goodies, including Tilt sprockets, Webster and Complex seats, and some brake pads (the clear ones are hot, the blue aluminum frame is visible through the pad and looks pretty cool)...

Also got in a bunch of We The People stuff: Rhombus grips in new colors, some awesome looking cyan blue Supreme hubs (really good hubs, too), tires, cables, and more...

And from DK we got some sweet valve cap/spoke tool/keychain doodads, and some old-school DK "Bucket Seats" for those of you who have been looking for some cheap railed seats with a ton of padding...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dan Webster Fan Club

This awesome Dan Webster edit was up on Metal's website, check it out...

Tons of new stuff on the way to the shop as we speak... don't forget to bring in a canned good for your chance to win a $350 gift certificate to the shop, check the details here and thanks for your support!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Chains, stuff on sale

Got in some sweet new KMC chains... also updated the SALE/SPECIALS page... all sweatshirts are 25% off, got a bunch of shoes that are 20% or more off, come check it out and save some bucks!

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