Monday, February 23, 2009

Fly cranks, bars, grips, etc

Got in some new stuff today: Fly Tierra Grande bars (8.25" rise, 28" width, 11.5 backsweep, 2 degree upsweep) came in, along with more Fly "Luna" bars... also got in Fly "Fino" grips, which is basically one big grip with a flange on either end that you can cut to length...

We also finally, FINALLY got regular black Fly grips back in stock, along with black Fly "Potencia" stems, black and raw Fly cranks, white Odyssey EVO2 brakes, and Lotek's Eddie Cleveland signature backpack... have we had this bag before? I can't remember, but it is sweet! I also noticed some random green stuff growing out of the ground here, which means spring is right around the corner! 25 days to be exact!

Thanks go out to everyone who came out last night for our Skater's Edge rental/Greg Doliber "going away" session, I think everyone had a good time and we will probably do something like it again soon! Thanks a lot, dudes!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

G-Sport Rollcage rims, Props 71, etc

Well we got in some stuff yesterday that y'all may be interested in... G-Sport's new "Rollcage" rim, which is a slightly narrower and less expensive 6061 aluminum version of the Ribcage, along with some sweet gold Odyssey Hazard V3 cassette and Vandero 2 hubs... also got in upper and lower Odyssey Gyro cables in white, green and orange, glad to see they are finally offering some colors in those... Props #71 came in (Steve DeBusk bio, Blackout Texas road trip, Red Bull trick-or-treat jam, FBM ghetto big air challenge, X-Dreams spot check), come on by and check it out, we'll be playing it at the shop all day!

Also back in stock are black 36 hole Odyssey 7KA rims, been outta those for a while... plus more Kink "super stump" seat posts, more Odyssey Senior 2 pivotal seats, more black KMC 710sl chains, Kink seat clamps, Odyssey brake pads, and more!

Oh, and we added some more stuff to our SALE/SPECIALS page (Profile cranks, Animal rims, etc), and we still have a bunch of $20 shoes, come on by and get 'em before they're gone!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glam Bars

Finally got Mutiny Glam Bars (v2) back in stock today, in black or red... also got some Shadow chains and Profile hubgards...

Monday, February 16, 2009

$20 SHOES! President's Day, G-Sport Ratchet hubguard?

Have a G-Sport Ratchet cassette hub but want to use something besides a G-Sport GLAND for a hubguard? Profile hubguards don't normally work on these hubs, but if you're interested you can bring your hub by and Tony will MAKE one work!

Also, our $20 shoe blowout is still going strong, we've got over 40 pairs of shoes on sale for a measly twenty bucks! Get 'em while they last, click here and scroll down to see what we have in stock!

And FYI, we are open regular business hours today, 9am to 8pm in case anybody is wondering...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Props 71 trailer, Autumn Brand edit

Firday the 13th! Nothing to be afraid of here, just a trailer for Props #71 which will be available soon, and an Autumn Brand edit from the summer, which really makes me hate the winter... love those guys, who's got the crack?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Odyssey hats/tees, Fit complete bikes!

Got in some sweet new hats and tee shirts from Odyssey today, as well as a new tye-dye tee from Sunday...

Also got in a whole pallet of 2009 Fit complete bikes this week... don't forget if you don't need a bike until the spring we have a layaway program, give us a call or stop by for the details!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Below are a couple more pictures of the Fit Eddie Cleveland and Chase Dehart frames that we should have around the end of this month... at the top is the Dehart in "sand" (also will be coming in flat grey) and the Eddie in white (also coming in black)... if anyone is interested in these frames, give us a call now!!

We also have a bunch of 2009 Fit complete bikes due in this coming week, along with some other goodies... stay tuned!

Friday, February 6, 2009


The 2009 versions of Fit's Eddie Cleveland and Chase Dehart frames should be available right around the end of this month... you can check out the Dehart by clicking here, and there's a picture of the final prototype Cleveland built up below...

The Dehart comes in 20, 20.5, 20.75 or 21" in flat grey or "sand" (no black yet, even though the prototype frame is black), has a 75 degree head tube/71 degree seat tube, 13.65" chainstays, 3/4" tapered seatstays, removable 990 mounts, internally gusseted 1 3/8" down tube, and a 1 1/4" tapered top tube...

The Eddie comes in 20, 20.5, 20.75, 21 and 21.25" in black or white, 75 degree head tube, 69 degree seat tube (which would make any of the frame sizes feel more like the next smaller size), 13.65" chainstays (13.875 on the 21.25"), 3/4" tapered seat stays, oval 1 3/8" down tube, removable 990 mounts and a built-in pivotal post...

I imagine the first batch of these will sell out very quickly, if anybody out there is interested in either of these frames let us know asap... we'll be getting some for stock but who knows what colors/sizes or how long they will last, I would highly recommend putting a deposit on one if you're going to want one... both frames will sell for around $300 bucks...

In other news, BMX "Freestyle" has apparently been added to the 2012 olympics in London... start training, fellas! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Got in some sweet new chains, the KMC 510HX in red/black, and the KMC 710SL in all black!

Also, I seem to have had some kind of brain lapse on Tuesday, that is actually the USA Ride Magazine that we got in, not Ride UK... whoops!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Fit tees, etc

Got in a few new tee shirts from Fit, gotta say I'm pretty keen on the rasta one... pretty funny story about that one, apparently some kids in Mexico were making bootleg Fit shirts with that print on it, and one of them appeared in the background of a picture on the Lotek website, so Fit decided to roll with it and there you go, a new tee shirt is born!

Ride UK's 2009 photo issue also showed up today (I know it's only been a week since we got the last issue but they are both worth picking up!), and we also got in more S&M Grand Slam XLT bars, Fit "mid" bottom bracket kits in white, Fit FAF-K tires, and more!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tree "Lil Buddy" frame!

Just got in Tree's "Lil Buddy" frame today! Real nice looking frame, and clocking in at 4lbs 4oz it's about as light as it gets... fully post-weld heat-treated, built in seat clamp and chain adjusters, lots of machining and internal gusseting, 74.5 degree head tube, 71 degree seat tube, 13.75" chainstays and lots of tire clearance... come on by and check it out, this thing is sweet!

We also got a bunch of stuff back in stock, like Odyssey gloves, more Odyssey pivotal seats, Kink pegs, Odyssey Lumberjack bars, white Dia-Tech Hombre brakes, more G-Sport Plegs in black or white, Odyssey seat clamps and brake levers, Kink seat posts, and more!

I don't know what that groundhog said about spring today, but my thermometer hit 57 degrees at one point! Whoooeeeee, good to see some of that snow melting!

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