Monday, December 31, 2007

More Holiday Hours, stuff on sale

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be closing at 6pm tonight (Monday, December 31, 2007), and we will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, January 1, 2008) for New Year's Day... we'll re-open on Wednesday, January 2 at 9am, and everything will be back to normal...

We just added a bunch of stuff to our SALE/SPECIALS page, check it out!

I'd like take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their support in 2007, we wouldn't be able to do what we do without you guys, so THANKS! It's so good to see so many familiar faces year after year, it's hard to believe that 2008 marks our 20th year in business! Here's to you guys, and here's to an awesome 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Debt's Coming DVD, Animal stuff

We got this DVD in a while ago, but we sold out the few copies we had really quick... we just got some more in, it's definitely worth a look... check the trailer below...

Got a bunch of Animal stuff back in stock: "Pac Man" hoodies and tees, pivotal seats and posts, sealed Hamilton pedals, seat clamps, bar ends, and more...

Oh, and we also got in more 50/50 "That's It!" DVDs, video is awesome... it's been playing non-stop in the shop since we got it, come check it out!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! New United stuff!

Just got in a couple of new items from United, in some festive holiday colors: "Repeat" and "U Jive" grips in black, white and green, Squad sprockets in red and green, and Squad seat clamps in red and green...

We also got in a couple of 2008 DK Step Up complete bikes...

And just as a reminder, we will be open until 6pm tonight, closed tomorrow for Christmas, and open again on Wednesday for regular hours... Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Hours

Just a quick run-down of our holiday hours:

Sunday, December 23, 9am - 6pm
Monday, December 24, 9am - 6pm
Tuesday, December 25, CLOSED (Christmas Day)
Wednesday, December 26, 9am - 8pm

If you need some last minute stocking stuffers, we have lots of good stuff like videos (the 50/50 DVD is awesome, by the way, and we still have some in stock), gift certificates, etc...

Thanks to all for your continued support, and have a happy and safe holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2007

That's It!

Just got the 50/50 DVD "That's It!" in today... I'm pretty pumped on this one, I can't wait to watch it... Mike Aitken, Cameron Wood, Matt Berringer, Rob Wise, Elf, Fuzzy, I mean how can you go wrong? Come on by and check it out, we'll be playing it in the shop...

Got some other stuff in as well, such as Fit's DL seatposts, some Shadow Conspiracy seats, more Fly rims, Pitchfork XLT forks in black and white, Redneck XLT's in red, XLT seat clamps in red, S&M "Grand Slam" bars in black, Fit "Blade Lite" forks, more Fit mid bottom brackets, etc etc etc

Thursday, December 20, 2007

BANANAS, stuff on sale!

Got in a bunch of stuff today... new hoodies from FBM, a bunch of Subrosa Pandora bars (black, white, raw, 7.75", 8"), Shadow Conspiracy hoodies, beanies, gloves, hubs, and tires, Odyssey Lumberjack bars in black (still have some ltd. ed. copper too), Civilian bars, Odyssey V3 cassette hubs in black and white, Odyssey Vandero 2 front hubs, Odyssey Twisted PC plastic pedals in black and white, Odyssey gloves, Odyssey Dirt forks, more Little Devil fitted hats, Orchid tees, and more! We still have more goodies on the way, too, so stay tuned!

We also updated our SALE/SPECIALS page this afternoon, be sure to check it out, there is some good stuff on there!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

50/50 DVD, holiday hours

Just wanted to let everyone know our holiday hours:

Monday, December 24 - 9am to 6pm
Tuesday, December 25 (Christmas) - CLOSED
Wednesday, December 26 - 9am to 8pm (business as usual)

We've got a bunch of good stuff on the way, including the new 50/50 DVD "That's It", which I hope will be here tomorrow... here's a trailer, looks awesome:

Monday, December 17, 2007

White Trail Mix pedals, new Ride, etc

Just got in a couple of new things: Odyssey "Trail Mix" pedals in white, and the new Ride magazine... also got some stuff back in stock... Duo Van Homan grips in black, a bunch of spokes in a bunch of colors, Primo Hollowbite and Powerbite cranks, Primo tires, Lotek tees, and more!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Got a couple of complete bikes in lately (DK "General Lee" in orange, and a Subrosa "Salvador" in black/white)... also got in a bunch of Eastern aluminum axle nuts an all colors/sizes... we also have a bunch of shoes, DVDs and other stuff on sale, come on by and check it out! And if you're stumped for Christmas gift ideas, don't forget that we have gift certificates available!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Demolition brake pads

We are open, despite the sky chowder... don't kill yourself, but come on by if you're bored, watch a video, do some browsing, etc...

We got in some brake pads from Demolition, along with some other odds and ends today... more on the way as usual...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fly cranks, etc

Got in a set of newly redesigned Fly cranks in black 180mm... if you've been wanting a set of these, get 'em now, because we won't be able to get any more of them for a little while...

Got a bunch of stuff back in stock yesterday and today: KHE Reverse freecoaster hubs in black, Odyssey forks, tires, and Vandero 2 front hubs, more Lotek Nightwolf shoes, and more!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


First off, I'd like to thank everyone who came out to our Mutiny "Stoked On Being Pumped" DVD premiere at Skater's Edge the other night... it was good to see everyone, hope you all had a good time! For anyone that missed it, we will be playing it at the shop, come by and check it out!

And speaking of DVDs, we just put a bunch of them on sale for ten measly dollars, in case you want to round out your collection:

FBM "Half And Half"
Volume "On The Clock"
Shook "Brain Stormed"
Shook "Over The Pond"
Orchid "Step On It"
Local Exposure "Southern Comfort Tour"
Fly Bikes "Dos"
"Here And Now"
Macneil "San To Van"
Props #64
Props #65
Joe Kid On A Stingray

And for five bucks:

Mutiny "Road Trip DVD"
Facad "As One"

We also have some skate DVDs on sale, check out our Skate/Snow page for those... DVDs make good inexpensive stocking stuffers, too!

Friday, December 7, 2007

STOKED ON BEING PUMPED premiere tonight!

That's right folks, tonight is the night! We will be hosting a premiere of Mutiny's new DVD "Stoked On Being Pumped" at Skater's Edge Skatepark in Taunton, MA at 8:30 pm tonight! We will be projecting it on the big screen, and we will have copies available for sale for those interested. There's no charge to attend, but bring your bike and ten bucks if you want to ride the 9 to midnight session. Hope to see everyone there!

We also have Stoked On Being Pumped (DVD and Blu-Ray versions) available at the shop as of now, in case you can't wait for tonight... to see what will play the Blu-Ray version, click here...

Got a few other things in today as well: More Duo seats, Kink "Relief" stems, Kink pivotal seats, and more Subrosa complete bikes!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Little Devil/Orchid stuff, Mutiny DVD premiere

Got in some stuff from Little Devil today: their new fitted hats, and some sweatshirts and beanies for this freezing weather we're enjoying... also got in the "Cobra" tee from Orchid, which is totally awesome...

We also got in 2008 Eastern Traildigger complete bikes in black, and more Odyssey V3 cassette hubs in white...

And for those who still haven't heard: We are hosting a premiere of Mutiny's new DVD "Stoked On Being Pumped" at Skater's Edge in Taunton tomorrow night (Dec 7th) at 8:30 pm... we'll be projecting it in HD, and we will have DVD and Blu-Ray versions available for purchase... there's no charge to watch, but it's $10 if you want to ride the 9 to midnight session... come on down, should be fun and what else are you doing anyway?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Animal/Fly stuff, Mutiny DVD premiere, Brace jam

Got a bunch of stuff back in today: Animal hoodies, pedals, tires, seats, posts, stems, and tees, and Fly sprockets, grips, bottom bracket spacer kits, rims, seats, posts, and stems... also got in some purple We The People linear cables...

As you all probably already know, there's a couple of events coming up this weekend that you should attend:

We are hosting a premiere of Mutiny's new DVD "Stoked On Being Pumped" at Skater's Edge in Taunton on Friday night (Dec 7th) at 8:30 pm... we'll be projecting it in HD, and we will have DVD and Blu-Ray versions available for purchase... there's no charge to watch, but it's $10 if you want to ride the 9 to midnight session... come on down, should be fun and what else are you doing anyway?

And on Sunday December 9th, there is another Brace jam going down at Rye Airfield from 7-10 pm...

In other news, the holiday season is in full swing here... if there's something you're going to need by Christmas, now is the time to let us know... it gets real hectic here, and at UPS, so the sooner you come by the better!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fit completes, white Odyssey V3 hubs, etc

Just got in some more Fit completes... Pro Trails and Team Trails (burgundy shown below)... bikes are going fast, so if you're looking for one for Christmas, don't wait!

Also got in Odyssey Hazard V3 cassette hubs in white, along with more Duo grips, Odyssey gloves, Trail Mix pedals, and Chill Bro DVDs...

Speaking of DVDs, don't forget that our Mutiny "Stoked On Being Pumped" DVD premiere is going down at Skater's Edge this Friday, see yesterday's post for details...

The flow of new stuff into the shop is not slowing down, so check back soon!

Monday, December 3, 2007

S&M/Fit stuff, Mutiny DVD premiere

Got a few things in today from Fit and S&M... Slam and Grand Slam bars, DLD stems, elbow pads, more "Summer of Fit" DVDs, and new Mid bottom brackets from Fit which come with fancy CNC'd cones and all the spacers you'd need... Also got a bunch of Pro-Tec helmets back in stock...

A bunch of skate stuff came in today, too... check out our Skate/Snow page...

In case you don't know, our premiere of Mutiny's new DVD "Stoked On Being Pumped" is going to be happening this Friday, December 7th, at Skater's Edge in Taunton at 8:30 pm... we will be projecting it in High Definition, and we will have copies of the video available for sale in DVD or Blu-Ray... there is no charge to watch the video and hang out, but if you want to ride the 9-midnight session at the park, bring your bike and ten bucks... see you there!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Just got in issue number one of Ted Van Orman's "Life?" magazine... Says Ted: "This is the first issue of a publication documenting underground BMX in the United States and beyond. It is a representation of using BMX as a tool to explore the world and its people. It is a collection of photographs showcasing riders flying bikes high and free, and it supports builders, travelers, dreamers and renegades. 28pg/no advertisments/all 35mm photography"

Pretty cool if you're into seeing other people's perspectives of what BMX is all about... check out Ted's blog here for more...

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